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Liquigaz joins 2019 National Coastal Cleanup Day

September 20, 2019

With over 36,289 km of coastline, the Philippines has become a country renowned for its pristine white sand beaches, clear blue water, and rich, varied wildlife. Beaches form an integral part of our ecosystem, supporting endemic and endangered wildlife and driving not only leisure and tourism industries but also local businesses and communities. For these reasons, it is imperative that we protect these vital components of our country against the threat of imminent climate change.  

Liquigaz Philippines Corporation (LPC) has given back to its ecosystem through National Coastal Cleanup Day last September 20th, 2019. Employees banded together to combat pollutive behavior by scouring the beaches at Alas-Asin for refuge and rubbish including aluminum cans, plastic bottles, discarded items of clothing, and styrofoam which can all contribute to degraded beach quality. In total, over 75 sacks of waste were collected.  

employees doing a beach clean up event