About Us

Liquigaz Philippines Corporation was established in 1995 and is now one of the largest LPG suppliers in the Philippines. Equipped with over 25 years of experience, Liquigaz is a fully-integrated LPG company that serves all market segments in the country with its wide network of Import Terminals, Filling Plants, and Logistics Assets.

Liquigaz Philippines Corporation


As a major LPG supplier in the Philippines, we commit to offer product quality and innovative solutions to every LPG user while maintaining safe and balanced working conditions.

Liquigaz believes in growth through performance. We will continue to optimize our business to become the market leader in the different business segments of the LPG Industry.

Liquigaz works closely in building strong relationships with businesses, small and large, multinational and local, by integrating our core values which makes us the trusted brand of top companies in the country as well as international businesses.

Liquigaz gives the highest importance to its people. We invest in the workforce that shapes the future of our company. Therefore, we support and train them along the way so they can look forward to building their career with us.

As part of our goals to achieve market dominance and sustainable growth, we continue to engage in responsible and ethical business practices for our customers, stakeholders, and society. We implement processes to guarantee that we reduce the ecological footprint of our daily operations to the environment.

We also ensure that we give back to the communities that have nurtured our growth since the beginning of our operations. Thus, we have always assimilated our business with different corporate social responsibility programs.


Liquigaz Mission & Vision

We will be the dominant and formidable LPG company in the Philippines known for excellence in customer service, product quality and people, and its commitment to social responsibility.


We are driven towards achieving market dominance & sustainable growth by way of:


Over the years, Liquigaz continuously offers quality LPG products and services that cater to different businesses to provide all their LPG needs.


Liquigaz is the leading and most reliable supplier of Bulk LPG in the market. The company caters to Refillers and Marketers who resell LPG products through their own distribution channels thus providing the market with varied options on suppliers, services, and packaging.


Liquigaz has become the trusted LPG brand of top companies in the Philippines, particularly in the food, hotel, and shopping mall industry. We have pioneered the supply of LPG directly to small and large food stores, restaurants, and fast-food chains.


Liquigaz is one of the largest suppliers in the Industrial Sector because of its commitment to providing technical and logistics expertise while working towards mutually beneficial business solutions for our partners and customers.


Liquigaz downstream LPG distribution capability is supported by a network of dealers all over Luzon, who serve the LPG needs of household customers and the small to medium sized enterprises.