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As one of the largest LPG companies in the Philippines, Liquigaz commits to offer quality products and innovative solutions to every LPG user while maintaining safe and environmentally responsible practices.

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LPG Terminals

Liquigaz LPG terminals and depots are placed at strategic locations in Luzon to enhance our business and ensure wide accessibility to our clients. Liguigaz operates the two major LPG Terminals in Luzon, with the combined storage capacity of 25,000 Metric Tons.

Located in Mariveles, Bataan, the Liquigaz Bataan terminal is one of the largest LPG import facilities with a storage capacity of 12,500 Metric Tons. The terminal is suited for the receiving, storing, partial mixing, and distributing of liquefied petroleum gas(LPG).

Bataan terminal follows global standards in safety and product quality. It has an in-house laboratory that ensures that all products being received will pass the Philippine National Standards for LPG (PNS/DOE QS 005;2005) before they are delivered to our customers.

In 2015, Liquigaz acquired an existing LPG import facility in Sariaya, Quezon. This Import Facility was completed towards the end of 2017 with an upgraded total storage capacity of 12,500 Metric Tons, the same as our Bataan terminal.

Between our two terminals, we serve a large portion of our country’s LPG needs

Liquigaz LPG Terminals operates 24/7, ensuring the completion of discharging and loading operations.

Refilling Plants

Our refilling plants are strategically located in different areas of Luzon to ensure accessibility and reach to our customers. Liquigaz operates a total of 11 LPG Refilling Plants with 2 main distribution hubs in the North and South of Luzon that cater to bulk and cylinder distribution.

North hub is located in Meycauayan, Bulacan. It is the strategic source of LPG products for distribution to our Metro Manila and North Luzon Customers. South hub is located in Canlubang, Laguna to serve the increasing volume from different businesses in South Luzon. 
Our LPG refilling plants are equipped with safety facilities and follow stringent safety standards in all aspects of our operations.


Liquigaz operates its own Fleet Management making its products more accessible in different areas of Luzon.  We have a number of LPG Tanker trucks with sizes ranging from 5-tons capacity to 25-tons capacity.

We also have stake trucks that are used to deliver 50-kg, 22-kg, and 11-kg cylinders. Liquigaz is a fully-integrated LPG import and distribution company that caters to industrial, dealership, commercial, and wholesale. Our logistics services use technological systems that are customized to monitor and automate our vehicles – ensuring the security, safety, and integrity of the products we deliver.


Over the years, Liquigaz continuously offers quality LPG products and services that cater to different businesses to provide all their LPG needs.


Liquigaz is the leading and most reliable supplier of Bulk LPG in the market. The company caters to Refillers and Marketers who resell LPG products through their own distribution channels thus providing the market with varied options on suppliers, services, and packaging.


Liquigaz has become the trusted LPG brand of top companies in the Philippines, particularly in the food, hotel, and shopping mall industry. We have pioneered the supply of LPG directly to small and large food stores, restaurants, and fast-food chains.


Liquigaz is one of the largest suppliers in the Industrial Sector because of its commitment to providing technical and logistics expertise while working towards mutually beneficial business solutions for our partners and customers.


Liquigaz downstream LPG distribution capability is supported by a network of dealers all over Luzon, who serve the LPG needs of household customers and the small to medium sized enterprises.


Liquigaz is committed to sound practices in all aspects of our business. We give high regard to the protection of the environment and the promotion of health and safety measures at all levels of our operations. It is paramount to the way we operate our business.

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