Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Liquigaz?

Ans: Liquigaz is the second largest LPG supplier in the Philippines with a market share of over 31%.

What brand does Liquigaz cylinders carry?

Ans: Liquigaz carry its own brand name.

Where does Liquigaz source its LPG?

Ans: Liquigaz imports all of its LPG mostly from Middle East countries.

I am interested to be a Liquigaz dealer, who should I contact?

Ans: Please contact our Cylinder business expert, Mr. Rudy Navarro or call our customer service hotline 771-5429.

I am putting up a new restaurant and bakery; can Liquigaz supply my LPG requirements?

Ans: Yes, we can you supply all your LPG needs. Contact our customer service hotline (771-5429) to get more information.

Where can I buy Liquigaz 11-kg cylinder for my home?

Ans: Liquigaz has a network of dealers in Luzon, click here to know the nearest dealer to you.